Success Story on "iCiX: Getting Value from Quality Design"

Website redesign for a leading provider of software that manages risk throughout the supply chain

iCiX Website Success Story

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We only gave BayCreative two weeks to develop a new website design that achieved the right user experience.  The website launched on time and we've gotten not only great reviews but also increased business. It would have been a mistake to have this done by anybody other than BayCreative."

Malcolm Hobbs
Vice President of Marketing, iCiX

"BayCreative consistently delivers top-quality results, even within the most demanding schedulese was nothing short of remarkable."

Michelle Gaubert
Director, Marketing Communications, Navis, LLC

"BayCreative helps our clients get to that “a-ha!” moment. They've developed videos, presentations, and website tools that speak for themselves."

Andy Kwon
Vice President Marketing & Sales, NS Tech USA

"BayCreative is our partner of choice. They understood our needs as a company, and, most importantly, our target audience."

Adriana Vela
Vice President of Marketing, NanoBioNexus