Success Story on "Flextronics: Streamlined PowerPoints"

New brand framework required updates to hundreds of sales and marketing decks

Flextronics PowerPoint Success Story

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This short eBook will help you answer the question "how do I transition to a new brand and improve both the quality and usability of our PowerPoint decks?"

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  • Develop high-impact C-level and speaker/keynote presentations
  • Refine messaging (value proposition, positioning, core promise, key attributes, benefits...etc.)
  • Improve the presentation's flow to tell a better story
  • Consolidate copy/images on content-heavy slides
  • Design highly creative imagery/photos/illustrations
  • Develop slides using best-practices for PowerPoint including best use of native PPT tools
  • Create custom branded template designs and formatting development
  • Incorporate self navigation functionality
  • Generate full animation and creative "builds"
  • Embed movies, video and audio onto slides
  • Produce the presentation into a movie
  • Narrate with professional male/female voice-over talent
  • Draft slide-by-slide scripts
  • Translate into Mandarin, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, French or German and other languages.
  • ... and more!

At BayCreative, we believe that developing an outstanding PowerPoint deck is the first step in taking your presentation to the next levelContact us today! 

BayCreative can do anything with PowerPoint. From highly-formatted decks to very high-end custom decks for special presentations."

Becky Roller
Vice President, Strategic Marketing and Business Intelligence, Flextronics

"BayCreative consistently delivers top-quality results, even within the most demanding schedulese was nothing short of remarkable."

Michelle Gaubert
Director, Marketing Communications, Navis, LLC

"BayCreative helps our clients get to that “a-ha!” moment. They've developed videos, presentations, and website tools that speak for themselves."

Andy Kwon
Vice President Marketing & Sales, NS Tech USA

"BayCreative is our partner of choice. They understood our needs as a company, and, most importantly, our target audience."

Adriana Vela
Vice President of Marketing, NanoBioNexus